All The Aesthetic Qualities Of A Brick Wall At A Third Of The Cost And Time To Build

We are proud to present to you this affordable and innovative modular wall system that provides all the aesthetics qualities of a brick wall without the hefty price.
The modular wall system consists of wall panels manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS) which has been compressed together using the latest technology along with magnesium boards to produce a superior finished product.
It is an easy to install and long lasting product that requires minimal maintenance and will be a welcome feature to any home both in terms of security and aesthetics. 

ARMGO Modular Fencing Systems

Designed to be an alternative to expensive block / masonry fences with 3 styles that can be mixed & matched, our modular fencing systems give you endless options.
However the benefits do not stop there Magnesium Board (MgO) is a most technologically advanced building material in current building material market that offers superior performance in when compared to traditional cement based products. With a 25 Year Warranty.
It is virtually impervious to fire, water & insects. It does not feed mould or mildew and is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-combustible.
Fire proof rating: A1 (no flaming and smoking) or GB862A standard Australian standard AS/NZS 1530.3-1999 tested certified
Sound insulation: rank 50dB
Insulation: great insulating properties with a score of 0.216w/m.k
Environmental friendly: No chemical poison, no effect human and food, 100% recycling
Simple Installation: Suited to a a basic skill level of the average DIY’er. Wall panels can be easily cut, saw, drilled, nailed, screwed and bolted.
Strong: Our MgO board can hold or carry 50kg maximum material like normal timber board. As well as Anti-bending damage load full area 3500kg in 3m length
Finishing: Simple use texture finish, render,  tile or  exterior paint.
Solid: Anti-impact capacity 100kg
ARMGO  wall panel fence designed to with stand most wind conditions and meet Australian standard (As 4040.0 AS 4040.2) and defined according to AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 and AS 4055-2006 for Categories of wind regions of A, B, and other regions with cyclone . Customers need to check your location if they meet different categories of wind regions. For more details contact your local council. Also the site soil conditions must apply to B standard which is approved for fence column with 600mm deep concrete footings.
Engineering design report available for all height requirements. Special heights need council approval before we can do engineering design. Fees apply.



Solid Wall With Visible Columns

It is 1.8m tall and provides great privacy whilst still looking stylish and modern.


Low Solid Wall With Visible Columns for infill panels

This wall is designed so the top half can be filled with slats. Aluminium slats are quoted and supplied separate. It is up to 1.8m tall.

***We can also supply aluminium infill panels in Slats or tubing. Just let us know your design requirements.

Solid Wall With Hidden Columns System C is a solid wall with hidden columns.

It is up to 1.8m tall and comes with optional capping or a cover strip.